Big Buts Edition 4: Craftwork

The return to domestic league action this weekend brought a round of quality team play and well-crafted goals across all of the leagues, perhaps with the international break to thank for rejuvenated energy and skill.

Barclays FAWSL

Ebony Salmon, Bristol City

Maria Thorisdottir, Chelsea

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Williams + Moore = GOALS

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Jade Moore & Fara Williams, Reading. A double-double!

Division 1 Arkema

Mickaëlla Cardia, Olympique Marseille

Elise Bussaglia, Dijon. The equaliser resulted in Dijon’s first point of the season.

Louise Fleury, EA Guingamp

Tetyana Romanenko, Stade de Reims

Kadidiatou Diani, PSG

Alison Peniguel, EA Guingamp

Serie A Femminile

Tatiana Bonnetti, Fiorentina

Sophia Koggouli, Tavagnacco

Daniela Sabatino, Sassuolo

Gloria Marinelli, Inter

Dominika Čonč, Milan

Cristiana Girelli, Juventus

Dessislava Eva Dupuy, Florentia

Flyeralarm Frauen-Bundesliga

Lara Prašnikar, Potsdam

Verena Wieder, Freiburg

Rebecca Knaak, Freiburg

Noëlle Maritz, Wolfsburg

Franziska Fiebig, Sand. Olympic! (From 0:35)

Lena Ostermeier, Essen (From 0:54)

Sadly we are yet to see any of the goals from the Primera Iberdrola, so please enjoy some extras from the other leagues this week!

Also, you may notice many of this week’s goals come from the same quality highlights on YouTube from D1 Arkema and some Serie A teams – check them out because their content is excellent!

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