We started this project because we were tired of having to try and find the content we were looking for. What content is that, you ask? Well, just the basic league information on women’s football, the scores, the fixtures FOR A START. Sometimes, just finding the league’s website, or in most cases, page of the broader men’s website that housed ALL (brief) details on such a sub-par location and format, was nearly impossible.

We believe that women’s football shouldn’t be BURIED (by the patriarchy) but should be FRONT AND CENTRE. The games are more free flowing, higher/more goals are scored, and the rigidity of structures and predictability of men’s games are not overpowering. Women’s football is EMPOWERING. It is inclusive, diverse and multifaceted. We have been inspired by women on podcast and blogs, most namely The Outer Sanctum, which demonstrates the valuable, inclusive and diverse discussions that take place around women’s sport – and sport more broadly- and how this can be intelligent, thoughtful, considered and most of all FRESH in a climate of media saturation of men’s sports, male dominated pundits, journalists and panel shows.